Make Your Decorations Sparkle

You can see tons of rainbow-like colors that flash or chase each other in these LED strings. Enjoy easy, hassle-free control and explore your creative ideas with the Hello Fairy App.

Built-in IC Chips

Each lamp comes with bulit-in IC and a unique identifier, meaning their data can be collected and transmitted to Hello Fairy App.

Lamps can be controlled individually or in groups.


Power Failure Continuation.

The failure of one or more lamps does not affect the normal operation of other lamps.


Having a safe voltage and a low power consumption

  • Scene

    Over 100 scene effects

  • Control

    App control

  • Timer/Schedule

    Turn on/off automatically at preset times

  • Colors

    Nearly 16.8 million colors are available

  • Music

    Equipped with built-in a microphone, 4 vibrant music modes

  • Dimmer

    Electrodeless dimming


IC Chip Built-in IC No IC Chip
Displaying color Multiple colors Single color
LED Brightness Ultra brights Bright
Segmented Control
(Strip lights)
DIY color in every segment Only control the whole strip lights
Pixel Art Painting
(Curtain Lights or Christmas tree lights)
DIY patterns, animations or other lighting effects you want Not support
Music Mode Setting the sensitive for syncing music from low to high Only sensitive to music with strong beats
Lighting Effect More dynamic lighting effects Basic lighting effect