Cool Preset Scene Effects

Full scene support, whether it is decorated in "Christmas tree", "fence", "house outline" or "indoor trinkets" can be well matched

Musical Rhythm

Music Rhythm provides 4 music modes, namely: "Energy", "Rhythm", "Roll", "Spectrum". In different modes, parameters such as "Sensitivity" can be adjusted. You can also set the "Auto/Manual" mode, when you switch to the manual mode, you can set the flashing color yourself.

RGB Dimming

In theory, it supports 16 million colors for adjustment. Lightly press and drag the color picker in the color wheel with your finger, and the light can be switched to the desired color.

Solar Series

Solar series products can support viewing "battery power", and turning on "energy saving mode" can effectively extend the battery life of the product and illuminate the whole night...

Device Expansion

Support multi-light string expansion connection. Multiple light strings, connected together by connectors, can be combined and split, and can be used in more and wider scenarios.

Combination Light

Mixing "S14", "G40", "Strawberry Light", etc. on the basis of the leather thread light can create ever-changing effects. Can be controlled individually or in combination.


Divide a string of lights into 20 equal sections, choose your favorite color, and paint on the "track", which can be continuous or intermittent;


You only need to add 3 or more colors to form a flickering effect. Multiple colors flicker back and forth. In any mode of "gradient" or "jump", adjust the speed to an appropriate situation, the effect will be great.

DIY (curtain lights and Christmas tree)

Support custom "text effect", manually enter text, set text color, you can generate cool "text effect", suitable for anniversaries, festivals, etc.; 
Support manual graffiti canvas (mapping lamp beads) to create pattern effects, can create dynamic graffiti effects, the effects in different modes can be set to "direction", "speed" and other other parameters, so that you can DIY into your favorite effects...


Create a timer to turn on/off the light like setting an alarm clock, which is convenient and quick to avoid forgetting; Set a countdown, the lights will turn off automatically after the countdown is over.