Cool Preset Scene Effects

Full scene support, whether it is decorated in "Christmas tree", "fence", "house outline" or "indoor trinkets" can be well matched

Festivals and Themes

We have set up popular festival and theme effects for your convenience, allowing you to select the best pattern effect for different occasions at any time. Whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, or other various festive themes, we have prepared corresponding pattern preset effects for you, making your special days more romantic, warm, and full of atmosphere.

Collection and loop

One-click collect your favorite flashing effects, bid farewell to cumbersome browsing and searching. In addition, you can also set the collected effects to loop and release your hands from manually switching effects.

Text subtitle effects

By simply entering English letters, one can generate subtitle effects and display them on the light strings in various ways such as flashing or scrolling. For example, by typing "Happy Birthday," birthday congratulations can be displayed, or festive greetings can be shown using light strings to enhance the atmosphere during special holidays. Therefore, this feature not only expands the range and creativity of light string use but also creates more possibilities for fun.


Easily set up corresponding colors for each bulb with built-in multiple DIY modes that meet the needs of different scenarios. Meanwhile, it allows users to fully unleash their creativity and imagination, making the decoration of light strings even more personalized and distinctive, presenting unique lighting effects.

Animation and Looping

We provide hundreds of excellent preset animation effects that support looping playback. You can simply turn on the looping mode and choose the animation you want to loop.

Image Generation Effects (Photography)

"900L" window curtain lights support uploading images from the album or taking photos on-site to convert into pixelated-style flashing effects. More surprises await you to discover.

Device flip

The curtain lights support screen flipping, and the front-back image swapping does not require manually changing the device's hanging position. Just turn on the "flip" switch in the app.

Musical Rhythm

Music Rhythm provides 4 music modes, namely: "Energy", "Rhythm", "Roll", "Spectrum". In different modes, parameters such as "Sensitivity" can be adjusted. You can also set the "Auto/Manual" mode, when you switch to the manual mode, you can set the flashing color yourself.

RGB Dimming

In theory, it supports 16 million colors for adjustment. Lightly press and drag the color picker in the color wheel with your finger, and the light can be switched to the desired color.


Create a timer to turn on/off the light like setting an alarm clock, which is convenient and quick to avoid forgetting; Set a countdown, the lights will turn off automatically after the countdown is over.