The Hello Fairy App

decorate, connect, play and magic happens!

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Get Your Decor Ready

Put decorative lights wherever you want. Whether you want to make a specific shape, wrap an object with light, or whatever you want. Let the Hello Fairy App handle the rest!

Find Your Device

Once you turn on your device and enable bluetooth on your phone, the device will appear in your device list. No account registration is required, and your information will not be collected.

Play Advanced Effects

Various pre-made effects are available in scene mode. You can quickly pick the lighting effect that suits your needs.

Sync Your Music

A built-in microphone on the controller and four music modes let you add color and shape to whatever music you're playing.

Single Color Changing

A color palette with nearly 16,8 million colors lets you choose the color you want to display.

Design Your Own Effects

Design your own truly unique lighting effects by using the diy features in scene mode. Make your living space creative and imaginative.

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