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APP instructions

Be applicable:
"Lined" to adjust the color temperature series;  "Lined" RGBW series;  

Also suitable for "cool white, warm white" adjustable color temperature series products

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apply to:

 "strawberry lights, ball lights, copper wire lights, leather wire lights, S14, G40"

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Applies to:
 "400L Curtain Lights", "PVC Christmas Tree Lights", "Wrought Iron Conical Tree Lights", "Waterfall Lights" and other types.

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APP group usage instructions, click the link below to view

Group function--APP instructions (

The document can be referenced for products such as the 900 LED curtains, folding Christmas trees, conical Christmas trees, cascade lights, and others.

Help documentation


You could please power on your device and enable the Bluetooth on your phone, and you will see your device appears in the device list. 

The following steps can be used to resolve such a problem: 1. Please make sure the string light device is powered on; 2. Please ensure that your mobile phone is close to the light string; 3. The device may be connected by other mobile phones at the moment. You should first disconnect the mobile phone and then refresh the device list before trying to connect again. 4. Please power off the string light device for "5-10 seconds" before reconnecting it.


By using the Hello Fairy App, you can set a timer to control your lights' on and off times.

You can do this by accessing the control interface of your light and clicking on "settings", where the timer setting is located.

The setting function also includes features such as countdowns, device renaming, and device information.

Below is a picture showing where the timer can be set. 

You should be aware that the timer automatically shuts off if the string lights controlled by Hello Fairy App are disconnected from the power source.

The others

Try taking your phone close to the string lights and operating the app to "refresh" the device list. If any string lights have not been scanned, you can try turning off the string light device for five to ten seconds, and then using your mobile phone to refresh the list; or you can try turning off the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and then reactivating it. 

Please Intall the OTA Tools name "Hello Fairy OTA" App.Search in Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

Refer to the ota flow as the link below:

Hello Fairy OTA Android

Hello Fairy OTA iOS

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